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Driver Testimonials

Dear DMS

Please accept my resignation from the position of Driver with DMS/Dynamic Express. I learned a lot working here and I greatly appreciate all the opportunities your company has provided to me. All my supervisors and coworkers offered me help, support and advice. For that I am thankful. I am also very grateful for their patience in welcoming and training a rookie. I learned many skills working for DMS. I also built memories which will serve to remind me of your kindness and the valuable time you took out to make me ready for the road. I will miss working here. Leaving behind people who were more like family than coworkers to me was a difficult decision but the change is needed in my personal life at this point. Thank you very much for your mentorship. It has been a pleasure working as part of your company.

- Jolanta Marine

Dear DMS

I only have about 6 months with the company but I have known about it for many years from friends that work here. I have wanted to work here and now that I do I have no intention of leaving. I have driven for many years and although my time here has been new my dispatchers are great, my pay is good and everyone makes me feel like a part of the family. 

- Robyn White


Dear DMS

I've been with the company for over 22 years. What does it for me is the "We are a family" atmosphere. They always have the loads and they always keep you moving.

- James Harris 

Dear DMS

The owner has gone out of his way several times for me and I have appreciate it. The company has nice equipment and gets it fixed which means alot to have support in the field. Safety is always first with them. Whether night or day their first question is always "Are you ok?" Also, the company does its best to get me my time off and lets me take it in different parts of the country so I can stay in touch with relatives, friends and family. This is huge.

When I left to take a local job in 2005 I gave the company a two week notice. They made arrangements when I brought the loaded truck back to NJ and sent me home with another driver. Thank you for providing me with the tools and helping me keep the trucks working in good shape to make us both money. 

- David Smith  


Dear DMS

My career began in 1998 with a company similiar to DMS in that I was known by name by all and was appreciated. When the company was bought out by a large corp, I watched my income decrease from inefficiencies and too many drivers. It was my fortune when I met Faye and Ralph in 2010. I knew I was home and faxed my two week notice as soon as Faye cleared and approved my application. I took a cut in PPM, but with all the miles and other compensation, I am very happy as it works out to be more in the end. I appreciate the respect and consideration given to me by everyone. In this business as well as life, we can expect the unexpected. And when I have needed anything to get the job done or for personal needs, all I had to do was ask. Thank you! I would also like to thank everyone in the office for all they do to make all this possible. This is more than my career! This is what I love! This is my life! Because of all of you, I not only get to serve DMS and our customers, but I get to travel and experience the beauty of our great country! Some may think I don't have much of a life living in the truck and working my life away. Not true! This is what I love. So thank you all for providing the opportunity to have what I love. I do not verbalize these words often, so it is my hope that my appreciation shows daily in my loyalty and dedication. I realize that I'm not perfect and I have made mistakes, but I will always strive for excellence in service. I am proud to be a member of the DMS family. That being said, I now give you my notice. I am thinking of retiring when I'm 95 or when they won't let me drive anymore! I'll go fishing then! lol 

- Ronald Atwell

Dear DMS

I've been with DMS since 2013. Nothing but the best so far. I even left and took a leave of absence. It's all about attitude and work efforts you as drivers put in. Believe me they know who the good apples are from the bad ones. Plus you gotta love what you do. Thanks DMS.  

- William Santiago, Jr.